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Free mathematics software for learning and teaching.
GeoGebra is a mathematics software program that allows students to interact with both algebraic equations and geometric shapes and properties. GeoGebra will be used numerous times during this years course both in class as demonstrations and in the computer lab as an interactive learning tool. Students can also use GeoGebra at home to help with their homework and studying. In class GeoGebra files will be posted under specific course pages.

GeoGebra can be downloaded from
  • If you wish to use GeoGebra but do not want to install the program you can run GeoGebra as an applet in your web browser here

GeoGebra Resources:

  1. GeoGebra Quickstart (pdf)
  2. Tutorials and Manuals
  3. GeoGebraTube and other Teacher Files
  4. GeoGebra YouTube Channel